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Famous and Historical People of Germany

One of the most famous and historical people of Germany is Albert Einstein.He has thought up and created many inventions that help us today. One of the major things that he did was he learned how to split atoms. This knowledge led them to the Atomic bomb but these are only one of the things that he did.Another person you may know alot about is Dwight D. Eisenhower. The reason you may know him is because he was a five star general of the U.S army. Not only that but he was the thirty-fourth presiden of the U.S. Another great man of the U.S is Herbert Clark Hoover. This man was the thirty-first president of the United States. Another Famous person from Germany is Boris Becker. He was a world no. 1 tennis player from Germany.Boris is a six time Grandslam mens single champion. The next famous person I am going to talk about is Clark Gable. He was a great actor, infact the American Film Institute named him to be in the top ten of the greatest actors.Clark's parents were from Germany. Another person from Germany that was famous is Lou Gehrig who played baseball for the Yankees. Famous people from Germany are everywhere another person is Steffi Graf who was a tennis player who got the title No. 1 womens tennis player from the country of germany.A current person thaat alot of people already know is Levi Strauss. this person is owner of Levi jeans. Another modern person that is from Germany is Rudolf  Diesel, this man invented the diesel fuel.All of these peopl were either born in Germany or parents are from Germany and moved to America.